Friday, January 7, 2011

Protect your pets through this year cold weather...

The other day I was looking though our local news paper when I came across this from the editorial of the News Mirror and I want to share if with y’all.

“Now that the weather has reached temperatures comparable to the arctic tundra, those of us with pets have to keep their health, safety and comfort in mind.
Domestic animals do not have fur, but only a thin coat- not the fat stores and heavy coasts that animals indigenous to cold climates have. A cat or a dog cannot maintain their heat like a polar bear and therefore should not be expected to exist in the same freezing weather.
Let’s all make sure we have a warm, dry place for our animals, large and small to escape from the elements. Keep them indoors when possible and be cautions of the dropping temperatures during the night.
Our four-legged friends will be grateful.”  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wolf DNA in Dogs

The other day I got a news letter from “A commitment for life YAPS – Yucaipa Animal Placement Society” and on the back page there is a section call Conner’s Corner and I want to share with y’all what she wrote in the Fall letter.

Dear Connor, My owners just don’t understand me. I am a one and a half year old dog that has lots of energy. I love to be on the move and frequently escape from my yard. They seem very frustrated by this, saying that I want to get completely away from them. However, I don’t, I just get board. How do I help them understand me without getting in trouble again?


Room to roam


Dear Room to roam,

                             Well you’ve come to the right place; I can help to get the word out. We as dogs need to go for walks and preferably with our people and/or pack. What most people do not know is that all of us dogs have wolf DNA in us, that’s where we come from. In fact, we are very close to wolves; there is only a 0.2% difference between us. That being said, it is important to note that wolves travel ten to thirty miles a day with their pack just to eat. Therefore the need to travel, which is in the wolves DNA, is in ours too.

In an effort to curb this need to roam, owners need to find the time to walk with us between 45 minutes to an hour every day. If they do this there would be a lot less escaping from the yard, not to mention, a lot less trouble in general. Walks are good for all of us, both two and four legged. Try waiting for your owners to take you on a walk next times, you’ll find it’s much more fun than going solo.

Ready to walk,




For more in on this and others to can go to Conner’s Corner provided by dog trainer, Kym Caldwell of Canine companions. If you have a question for Conner, please e-mail us at

I hope this little Conner’s Corner was helpful and enjoyable reading...

Monday, November 1, 2010


Y’all could be the winner of a free 8x10 pet portrait or nature painting. All ya pay is
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Now I want y’all to know that ONLY ONE person can win and I will be using to choose the winner.

This contest is open to everyone who is or becomes a fans/like
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I'll post the winner on my blog and you can paid for the $5.00 shipping/processing fee on

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yucaipa Vision Quist Art Gallery ‘Art on the Lawn.’

I ‘am a little later on blogging this but about a week ago October 16, I participated in Yucaipa Vision Quist Art Gallery ‘Art on the Lawn.’ I have to say that I was a little nerves doing that show for when I woke up it was fog down and a little cold but by the time Bruce and I load up and drove up the street to the show the sun was coming out and the weather turn out to be really nice.  
There was some awesome work and I got to chat with some of the artist who stops by my booth. One of the artist was  Roger C. who told me that events like this was nothing but a artist social club for him, his sales came out side of these events. That got me to thinking, was I wasting my time and money?  I figure I was here so I just need to hunker down and greet the folks that came in and get a little drawing beside.
Y’all know people are funny, I don’t usually draw or paint with folks around for I am still a little nerves when it comes to draw around folks but I wanted to draw to pass the time so I got my pad and pencils out and as I drew...

I found that some folks were coming up behind me to watch me draw and when I would turn around these some folks would get really nerves and run. A few would come up to me and ask me question or tell me what a good job I was doing…. Over all it was a good day and I did sell and networking beside. Not back for coming back into the art world after staying away for about 15 years, but that’s other blog…

Here are some pic's of my booth:

This is just after the sun broke though and i was open for business

Here I stood on the front porch for the gallery to take this pic.

and yes that is me and in the back to my right is my loving hubby Bruce who was a big support all the way.

Friday, October 22, 2010

1st place...

Yesterday (10/21) I submitted my painting “Postcard from the Gulf” into the Yucaipa Art Assoc Monthly Juried Show and to my big surprise I won 1st place. What to go… now tomorrow I will mail it off. Now too look for another pic to paint.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Postcards from the Gulf

The other day I was checking out the home pages on FB when I came across ‘The Illustrated Garden Val Webbs art studio’ talking about “Postcard from the Gulf” and I e-mail Val to see if it was to late to join and to my surprise it’s not so I went and found an old watercolor post card from Daniel Smith Co. that I could paint on, but wait! There are so many animals out there which one to paint?

So I went on the net to study the gulf and the animals that was hit the most and I found that the ‘Brown Pelican’ also called ‘American Brown Pelican’ was one of three animals that are still on the endanger subspecies list, and hit really hard by the oil spills so I had decided to start painting this beautiful bird... 


Here is the 1st stage of the painting...

Here is the 2nd stage of the painting....


Here is the 3rd stage of the painting... 


Here is a pic of the hold postcard...


Monday, October 4, 2010

Adopting a Pet

Howdy all I was just talking to a friend about my recuse pets that I have and she told me that she was thinking about adopting a pet but had not thought it out all the way on who was going care,clean up after the pet, feeding, etc and that got me to thinking so I went on pet finders and here are some links that I think will help us all of us with our pets…


If you are thinking about adopting a pet or know someone is please pass these links on ... Thank You.¤ (¯`'·.¸()¸.·'´¯) ¤