Monday, October 4, 2010

Adopting a Pet

Howdy all I was just talking to a friend about my recuse pets that I have and she told me that she was thinking about adopting a pet but had not thought it out all the way on who was going care,clean up after the pet, feeding, etc and that got me to thinking so I went on pet finders and here are some links that I think will help us all of us with our pets…


If you are thinking about adopting a pet or know someone is please pass these links on ... Thank You.¤ (¯`'·.¸()¸.·'´¯) ¤


Amy said...

This is great info. I have a daughter in college who desperately misses her dogs (here at home) and wants one there. A list of what it REALLY takes is great! I'll pass this on to her.

"there is no such thing as a free puppy/kitten"

J.D. Fields aka Lady Bug said...

Howdy Amy, I am so glad that the info that I post will help out and yes there is know such thing as a free pet it takes a lot of love, time and money... but for a lot of us well worth it. ///^_^\\\