Thursday, September 30, 2010


Howdy all and Happy Harvest, let me introduce my self my name is J.D. Fields also known as Lady B. or Lady Bug and I am the creator of Pets and Nature Portraits which were created out of a love for our four footed friends and nature. Let my introduce you to my four footed friends who I have rescued.
This is Fred my whit lab/chow mix that the children rescued from a dogfight camp when he was just a puppy.

One year later my hubby rescued Barny, someone drop him off at his work and he was starving to death so my hubby brought him home and this is what he looks like now. He is a Black Sheppard/ Chow Mix.  

And this year I rescued Kiwi, he was walking a crossing Waterman Ave which is a main and busy road in San Bernardino, Ca. he was dehydrated, lose and almost got hit by a car.

This is the lasted pet George, I got this one from my sister...

but after one month I got tired of seeing Kiwi and George fighting all the time so now this is George new home. 
 As you can see I do have a love for animals and my four footed friends and I want to welcome you to our little world and to let you know that you are always welcome to come on in and pull up a chair and bring your hot cup of tea or coffee, relax, kick your shoes off and browse around through my site and pages. We hope you enjoy your visit.
Se ya’ll later…

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