Monday, October 25, 2010

Yucaipa Vision Quist Art Gallery ‘Art on the Lawn.’

I ‘am a little later on blogging this but about a week ago October 16, I participated in Yucaipa Vision Quist Art Gallery ‘Art on the Lawn.’ I have to say that I was a little nerves doing that show for when I woke up it was fog down and a little cold but by the time Bruce and I load up and drove up the street to the show the sun was coming out and the weather turn out to be really nice.  
There was some awesome work and I got to chat with some of the artist who stops by my booth. One of the artist was  Roger C. who told me that events like this was nothing but a artist social club for him, his sales came out side of these events. That got me to thinking, was I wasting my time and money?  I figure I was here so I just need to hunker down and greet the folks that came in and get a little drawing beside.
Y’all know people are funny, I don’t usually draw or paint with folks around for I am still a little nerves when it comes to draw around folks but I wanted to draw to pass the time so I got my pad and pencils out and as I drew...

I found that some folks were coming up behind me to watch me draw and when I would turn around these some folks would get really nerves and run. A few would come up to me and ask me question or tell me what a good job I was doing…. Over all it was a good day and I did sell and networking beside. Not back for coming back into the art world after staying away for about 15 years, but that’s other blog…

Here are some pic's of my booth:

This is just after the sun broke though and i was open for business

Here I stood on the front porch for the gallery to take this pic.

and yes that is me and in the back to my right is my loving hubby Bruce who was a big support all the way.

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