Friday, January 7, 2011

Protect your pets through this year cold weather...

The other day I was looking though our local news paper when I came across this from the editorial of the News Mirror and I want to share if with y’all.

“Now that the weather has reached temperatures comparable to the arctic tundra, those of us with pets have to keep their health, safety and comfort in mind.
Domestic animals do not have fur, but only a thin coat- not the fat stores and heavy coasts that animals indigenous to cold climates have. A cat or a dog cannot maintain their heat like a polar bear and therefore should not be expected to exist in the same freezing weather.
Let’s all make sure we have a warm, dry place for our animals, large and small to escape from the elements. Keep them indoors when possible and be cautions of the dropping temperatures during the night.
Our four-legged friends will be grateful.”  

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